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Whilst fucking a girl doggstyle, pull both her arm's behind her back and put your dick in her ass. This should cause her to helplessly 'cluck her chicken wing's' and make whateva sound a chiken in pain make's.
"I think almost everyone has fucked that skank!"
"Yeah, she even asked for it again when I 'angry chickened' her!"
by Diego July 18, 2003
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while doing a girl doggie style, grad both her arms and hold them behind her back. then you slip out and stick it up her ass. with this she should get really pissed and her arms should start thrashing around, similar to a very angry chicken.
I was fucking Kate, when i pulled the angry chicken. She went mental!!
by Jasvk May 09, 2003
After fucking your girl, you cum all over her face while tearing open a feather pillow and throw all the feather in her face - which stick to her and in her fury she gets up and squacks like and LOOKS like an 'angry chicken'!
I was fucking Jen and pulled an angry chicken on her, she went crazy and was spitting out and cleaning up feathers all night!
by little fox October 26, 2012
The form a women takes, when she starts bitching at you about something.

She will be making annoying noise (yelling or something equally as annoying, like a chicken's BEH GOK!!), accompanied by rapid forward head pecking motions, with hands on hip, like wings. An angry chicken!
I woke up this morning, and she came at me like an angry chicken because I left the toilet seat up again.

So you want to bitch at me like an angry chicken first thing in the morning? Tell me more about how you don't like the reaction you get.
by JamKock November 15, 2012

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