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while doing a girl doggie style, grad both her arms and hold them behind her back. then you slip out and stick it up her ass. with this she should get really pissed and her arms should start thrashing around, similar to a very angry chicken.
I was fucking Kate, when i pulled the angry chicken. She went mental!!
by Jasvk May 09, 2003
A sexual position where the guy is behind the lady. And when her arms are on her hips he places his arms through hers and pulls back her legs and, with a grip on the ankle and fucks the shit out of her
Girl 1: I was fucked like an african bullfrog last night
Girl 2: Was it good?
Girl 1: Amazing.
by Jasvk May 06, 2003
Irish Airline. Also slang for cunnilingus- the art of oral stimululation on female genitals.
Trevor gave amazing "Aer Lingus"
by Jasvk May 05, 2003
1. term generally used to describe extreme situations
1. "i am as angry as a mother hater."
by Jasvk December 13, 2004
the art of placing ones nose in the anal cavity of someone else and exhaling. called so since many spanish people were thought to have performed this during the revolution
Pedro spanished nosed Juan last night in my bed
by Jasvk May 13, 2003
Inserting a live animal through a tube into someone's anus. Rodents are mainly used. SEE "feltching"
Dave was really into tunneling, he had a favourite gerbil he liked to use.
by Jasvk May 05, 2003

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