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a handsome athlete that loves mainly basketball and loves the nba

gets all the girls

a pure gentleman knows how to treat females with respect normally funny but

so SWEET and

makes for the perfect boyfriend...
girl: hey andre how are you

andre: im good beautiful how are you

guy: whats your fav. sport

andre: basketball

friend: what are you doing after school

andre: playing ball...ball is life

sexy baller sweethart perfect boyfriend type
by baller136 March 14, 2013
14 567
A person who thinks high of himself. He is always worried about his appearance, and stays in the newest fashion trends. Andre's seem to come off as being cocky and arrogant but its just there character.
That Andre kid thinks he's better than everyone .
by theTtuth1 October 30, 2013
2 268
A short but sweet brunette with brown eyes you could get lost in. He is loud at times but quite at others. Andre is a one in billion type of guy and he should be held onto tightly if given the chance to date one. He is a guy that is always there for you and loves to snuggle and cuddle. He is the most perfect guy out there for me and I will shout it from the rooftop.
I love André to the moon and back.
by lovebug... October 30, 2013
6 275
Cool Guy
Hey guys André helped me with my Math assignment. What a guy!
by Cauldron101 April 15, 2013
31 309
My son..the love of my life.... tqm papito...
my son Andres is Beautiful and so Amazing..
by Familia DPM March 19, 2010
103 384
Ultra Amazing and Sexy. Also great friend,boyfriend,best friend,and kisser. Loves to play games. Trust worthy and brings life to parties.
Man, I want to be an Andres.

That guy is an Andres.
by TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL October 16, 2013
2 296
His charming modeling looks say it all. He is the best and is known for being hilarious. He is one of those hot popular guys who are extremely hard to get. Girls always stalk him and talk about him after hanging out with him. Always accused of being a man-whore with the ladies, but what can we say, he is sexy and has potential.
Grace: Damm I just want to grab his ass.
Stella: Whos that boy? I want him.

Matthew: I wished I had Andes's looks.
Josh: I dont want him near my chicks.
by Katie Monet February 10, 2013
8 309
Male firstname

André is the French and Portuguese form of Andrew
Andrè was the 2nd most popular boy's name in France in the 1910s, 20s and early 30s, and has since declined in popularity. André is currently particularly popular in Norway as a middle name.

The name is borne by tennis player André Agassi, pianist André Previn and musician and singer André 3000 (born André Benjamin).

Other notable bearers include French author and surreal theorist André Breton, military commander André Masséna, author and Nobel Prize winner André Gide and mathematician André Weil.
by 5656anonymous76 August 21, 2009
169 539