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the finest newscaster the world has ever seen. he hosts anderson cooper 360 on cnn every weeknight at 7pm est. has an extenside fandom of young to middle aged women who have deemed themselves "anderfans"
random dude: did you see jeopardy last night? wow that ken jennings is on a role.
anderfan: no way. anderson cooper was on!
by anderfantothenthdegree October 08, 2005
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the embodiment of "coolness"
Anderson Cooper is so cool, everytime CNN solely shows his face on the screen it's an expression of absolute professionalism making all other correspondents of the channel flinch and fear for their jobs.

Anderson Cooper is so cool, in a fight with Wolf Blitzer (Wolf Blitzer!!) he will instantly gain the upper hand just by standing there and posing the Cooper.

Anderson Cooper is so cool, the commercial promoting his show Anderson Cooper 360 doesn't even need off-screen commenting which explains when it's actually broadcasted.

Anderson Cooper is so cool, when he's reporting in an Iraqi war zone both insurgents and US Army won't fire a single shot because of his presence. Officers of both sides will usually order their squads to "coop up" to bridge this time of temporary rest.

Anderson Cooper is so cool, these sentences neither deny nor further endorse that because it goes without saying.
by BulligerVerstand April 18, 2007
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v. process of pulling out a Nokia flip phone to record an event because you want to be stealthy and then getting attacked by a gang of people. Most of the time these people will be Egyptian.
I did an Anderson Cooper the other day at a concert and I ended up in the hospital crying.
by Brolasaraptor March 18, 2011
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A phrase that is mindlessly repeated without question.
One of the most famous Anderson Coopers was made in 1957 when people repeated as truth that spaghetti grows on trees. They were taken by the April Fool's television broadcast that depicted Spaghettit being harvested from Trees.

Wow, did you hear the Anderson Cooper last night? The debate moderator regurgitated the talking point that only 47% of Americans pay taxes. --Yeah, man, that's some lazy reporting.

Also, a person who believes whatever he is told or is easily manipulated.
by TruthDetective October 19, 2011
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When you spin someone around and stick it in their ass.
I gave my girlfriend the Anderson Cooper last night.
by dogmangler July 01, 2010
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A minority sexual fetish among homosexuals which involves visiting public restrooms, mopping the floor with paper towels, bringing the piss-soaked napkins home, microwaving to reanimate the urine and placing over the end of the erect penis as a sheath before entering an underage prostitute anally.

First recorded in the Castro area mid 70's
Police Detective: It's horrible Sir, like an explosion in a shit, piss and cum factory.
Police Sargeant: Looks like another 'Anderson Cooper' gone horribly wrong
by Bentimonial January 06, 2008
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