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The awesomest news show in the entire world in which the awesome Anderson Cooper highlights the events of the day and looks incredibly good while doing it. The kids call it AC360.
guy 1- I was watching Anderson Cooper 360 last night. Wasn't it awesome?!?!?

guy 2- IT WAS AMAZING! Anderson Cooper is SOOO gorgeous!
by I love AC September 19, 2012
When Anderson Cooper, desperately defending his groom-to-be Stefon, does his signature three-hundred-and-sixty degree spin while attempting to punch Seth Meyers. Unfortunately, it usually ends with him being knocked out cold.
Cop 1: Hey, what happened with that drunk in lockup?
Cop 2: He tried to Anderson Cooper 360 me.
by FarewellStefon123 May 22, 2013
One person suctions their lips to the other person's asshole. The latter takes a volcano shit into the first person's mouth. Then the second person throws the volcano shit back up into the other persons asshole. The first person then sits back and gets into money shot position. Finally the second person farts and sprays the shitty vomit mixture up all over the first person's face.
Guy 1 - "I was watching Anderson Cooper 360 yesterday."

Guy 2 - "Yeah, you're dad gave me an Anderson Cooper 360 yesterday."
by Federer343 December 09, 2011

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