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the embodiment of "coolness"
Anderson Cooper is so cool, everytime CNN solely shows his face on the screen it's an expression of absolute professionalism making all other correspondents of the channel flinch and fear for their jobs.

Anderson Cooper is so cool, in a fight with Wolf Blitzer (Wolf Blitzer!!) he will instantly gain the upper hand just by standing there and posing the Cooper.

Anderson Cooper is so cool, the commercial promoting his show Anderson Cooper 360 doesn't even need off-screen commenting which explains when it's actually broadcasted.

Anderson Cooper is so cool, when he's reporting in an Iraqi war zone both insurgents and US Army won't fire a single shot because of his presence. Officers of both sides will usually order their squads to "coop up" to bridge this time of temporary rest.

Anderson Cooper is so cool, these sentences neither deny nor further endorse that because it goes without saying.
by BulligerVerstand April 18, 2007
A proverb that is often used to emphasize the overall needlessness of a single or a couple of specific things, often referring to material goods, money, wealth, even love or the love act, power etc. in one's life when saying it.

Generally said if the affected person should free himself from materialism or minor important things, thus set his mind over those and hence care about more crucial things, not seldom his own well-being for his plans on particular upcoming events might seriously damage his health, his reputation or the like, thus could cause him more harm than intended before - therefore mind over matter settles the issue in advance by barring the person from dealing with the issue(s) himself.
This proverb also perfectly goes with the generic Buddhist and his lifestyle for he strives for a life without profane belongings or devaluing materialism. Typically, money, power or tangible richness can change one's character to the bad and in order to prevent the person from becoming alike he should always keep mind over matter in his mind.
However, one doesn't have to be a follower of this or any religion and rather a plain human being that wants to underline the importance of a preferably even-tempered lifestyle. That is why mind over matter can also be easily said to a person to help him calm down and relax if he is on the verge of taking care of something and additionally is in a hurry because of that.
Furthermore, mind over matter can also be employed by people who are living in pure abstinence of something (sex, nutrition etc.). The proverb might indeed help them on the way to their aim/project.
Moreover, mind over matter in fact supports rationalism, a philosophical theory that focusses on the idea "in which the criterion of truth is not sensory but intellectual and deductive" (Bourke, 263).

Nonetheless, due to the great variety of possible definitions and suitable situations in which it is worth mentioning this proverb, it is seemingly problematic to precisely define the phrase when taking all aspects potential to happen in life into consideration.

Apart from that, mind over matter also is a phrase that is continuously said by the Space Marine Librarian in Relic Entertainment's award-winning real-time strategy game Warhammer 40000:Dawn of War. According to his statement, one can only assume that he is not very keen on fighting his enemies with brute force but rather in a way suitable to his level. Since he is a spell caster (at least, in late-game), he thus possesses several magical abilities to hurt or destroy his opponents. These abilities are supposed to be originated from his mind and, in addition to that, his spells are his most powerful weapons on the field. Therefore, he prefers these spells to be used against enemies rather than perilously approaching and fighting them in dangerous vicinity all by himself.
As a result, the Librarian is for mind over matter anytime.
Mind over matter ... I don't need this girl and her sneaky techniques to get along with me.

Hey, calm down now, Frank, will you? Mind over matter!

Ashley, look, you don't actually need a new car. Firstly, it's too pricey and, secondly, what's wrong with our current one? Mind over matter, just think about it!

If I didn't say "mind over matter" ten times in a row every morning, I would start gambling again.

"Mind over matter" ... Oh my God, he has said THE PHRASE. I can't believe it!! Now I'll stop producing units and click on him over and over again until he gives the same response...
by BulligerVerstand February 25, 2007
Contrary to popular belief a mouthfuck is not another word for oral sex with a male genital although it is basically performed in a very similar manner.

When having oral sex, the passive partner generally inserts his penis into the mouth of the active partner who then again stimulates the penis via mouth and tongue for sexual excitement.

However, during a mouthfuck the usually active partner changes roles with the passive one who normally receives the blowjob.
The result is that the partner having the penis in his/her mouth remains passive (unlike during normal oral sex) while the partner inserting his penis actively rubs it in his partner's mouth, often very quickly for maximum sexual pleasure.
For even more excitement, the active partner can also hold the head of the passive partner and move it back and forth as if he would hold the waist of a female during intercourse in order to guarantee the continuous act.

Disadvantages of this variant of intercourse mainly concern the passive partner who can be seriously injured when both partners are not cautious. That is because the head and the mouth simply are not robust enough for this kind of action exposing the passive partner to dangers such as neck injuries or even the risk of suffocating. Especially if the active partner is strong, performs the act at a fast pace and additionally secures himself by holding the passive partner's head, the chances of an accident are very high.
The active partner actually being required to be active is also a big drawback of this sex variant as males typically enjoy a blowjob when relaxing and thus while being passive.

An important point is that a mouthfuck can be usually only performed actively by males. Strap-on mouthfucks are not very recommended as the chance of injuring the partner increases due to the (usually hard) plastic dildo.
"Antonia loves it when I give her a mouthfuck. But she doesn't moan because of her pleasure but because of the pain...and that turns me on even more." :D

"Did you know that Gary enjoys mouthfucks?"
"Jeez, what a gay ass"
"No no, with his girlfriend!"
"Oh... damn I wish I also had one to mouthfuck." :(
"Loser..." -.-

"Honey, what about trying something new this evening?"
"Oh God, I knew this moment would come sometime... what today? If it's anal, count me out!" :P
"err...yeah it was anal." -_-
"Well how about a mouthfuck? Isn't it as good as a... you know, intercourse in the ass, hmm?" :)
"How 'bout you mouthfuck yourself!?! I wanna buttfuck you right now!" :/
"Honey...?" :o
by BulligerVerstand August 19, 2007
usually refers to an attack helicopter but may also refer to any other combat aircraft, used in a military meaning only
"Yesterday morning, a US gunship hit a group of Iraqi militants and additionally killed four uninvolved civilians."

"Dave has told me that his father has been in the US Army for ten years serving as a gunship pilot."

"I really can't believe Anthony has been sitting in his Abrams the whole time trying to hit that gunship with the tank's main cannon that day in Battlefield 2."
by BulligerVerstand January 28, 2007
Stupid bitches who apparently whine about anything in Call Of Duty 4 multiplayer, especially when something happened to them what is not of their personal benefit at all.

For example when they die by a gun or tactic which they consider cheap, they will start moaning in chat or voip.
The funny thing is though they won't be put off to use the same "cheap" gun/tactic for their own advantage and act as if it's no big deal afterwards. This is because they consider themselves to be entitled to do so since you just did it to them and this is all justified and whatnot...

In general, all these bitches want is a big greasy dick stuck between their shaven buttcheeks being fucked by it the whole night long.
But by moaning, they rather like to ruin the game for others than admit the fact that they love this kind of pervo stuff.

Below are several examples showing what things employed ingame usually make them tick off along with the fitting chat line dropped by them.
grenades: "wtf stoopid 3frags prk user...stop spam!!"

p90s: "motaffuking p90 spray noob"

flashbangs: "you lucky bastard"

juggernaut: "omg i hit u fag you hp cheater o.0"

martyrdom: "MARTYNOOOOOB!!!1!"

uav jammer: "uavjam noob... you scared or what"

grenade launchers: "noobtuber use a reel gun ffs"

last stand: "pls dont use ls its lame"

waiting: "fukkn campernoob thats all you can do...rushing you idiot ever heard of it?"

stuns: "omg I cant move...EXPLOITERERRR!!!"


jumping: "damn bunnyhopper id hav killd you without that redicciluos bonnyhuppin"

snipers: "stop camping with sniper and fight like a man"

helicopter: "wow kid got lucky making 7kills...die of cancer n000b -.-"

rpg: "stop shooting down my heli you soab"

upon confrontation: "what im not a whiner fffs quit your whining lamer >:O" (means: "what i want to say is i enjoy hard oily dicks fucking my ass...would you be so kind?")
by BulligerVerstand April 08, 2009
Type of humor that is only common in internet chats, mails, messengers etc., hence electronic-humor (or short: e-humor).

E-humor is generally employed when subjects are supposed to be playfully discussed which are usually very controversial or too extreme to be discussed in public.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who can't understand and thus can't cope with this type of humor. As a result, they may react confused of irritated (a).

Whereas some people enjoy to have fun and make jokes throughout the day on the internet often exaggerating it which is not very bad, though (b).
Nevertheless, these people are usually the best ones to have fun with either on the internet or in real-life as they don't take things too seriously.

(2nd person failed exams the other day)
"what? you havent passed the exams? awww what a pity.."
"get lost you fucking bitch-..-"
"you seem to have no sense of e-humor man"

"I fucked your mother last night. god she was AWESUM :D"
"Im sorry YOU DID WHAT???????? HAVE YOU LOST UR MIND??!?!?! thats why she was so relieved all of a sudden....."
"calm down was just a joke :D"
The StraightD00D'75 is offline now.


"dude check this out look at this vid *random youtube link*"
"omg those white guys beat up that asian guy pretty bad"
"yeah funny shit no?"
"you bastard Im from Korea xD"
"thats why Ive shown it 2you first xD"
"xD Ill beat YOU up for that believe me, youll pay hahahahaa xD"
"lol xD"
"omg xD"

"did you hear? your hot sister was raped on the street that weekend..."
"xD and you know who did it?"
"xD her butt was juicy as hell hahahaaa"
"hehehe sucker xD"
"exactly! xD"
by BulligerVerstand December 06, 2007
To have a rusty exhaust pipe is an expression which is usually used as an excuse to pardon one's own inability to keep one's anus clean/one's bottom shaved for pleasurable anal sex.
It can be said in front of one's partner both in a homosexual and heterosexual relationship.

However, the actual fact if the stated is really true or not is not important. The affected person is rather able to express himself/herself by using euphemistic vocabulary and thus without using derogative language.
Therefore, persons employing this excuse might also be trying to cover their sheer weariness or laziness to have anal sex with their partner for personal, moral or whatever reasons.

possible forms to say:
- to have a rusty exhaust (pipe)
- to suffer from a rusty exhaust (pipe)
- to have rust in one's exhaust (pipe)
"Come into the bed already, Antonia. I need you here urgently."
"Sorry, cutie, not this time. I've got rust in my exhaust."
"Well how about a nice mouthfuck instead? You like that, don't you?"
"Good night, honey. I'll see you tomorrow."

"You know what to do. Lose your pants and bend over the table while I do some... doctorstuff there..."
"I'm sorry, Doctor Dawson, but my mother really wants me to get checked this time. I'm not here for...this again."
"You're kidding right? I'm already as horny for your little teen-ass as a prepubescent nerd for a skank in a homemade porn movie."
"...uhh also, I've got a rusty exhaust pipe back there."
"Here's your doctor's note. Now get outta here before I have second thoughts!"
by BulligerVerstand August 19, 2007
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