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smells like a turd mixed with a piece of fish
what grants dick smells like after sex
by paul March 18, 2004
A small fish that smells like a finger
Jimmy saves the cost of anchovy toppings by diddling his sister just before eating his pizza
by Dr. Zeke July 07, 2006
Kids that leave a bad taste in your mouth because they are pests.

Here comes the Smith's with their anchovies.
by RICH CHICKS August 05, 2007
A derogative name for Asians, especially Hmongs, because of their resemblances to the Anchovies from the pilot epsiode of Spongebob Squarepants. This is because Hmong teenagers, especially in High School, Hang out together in their own tin can, and Flock everywhere together, whether it be to the cafeteria for their free lunch, or to the school bus. They also have a tendency to try to emulate other cultures, because they dont have one of their own in the U.S., Yet they try to state they are "AZN", which is just their attempt to ride on the coattails of the "Coolness of association of anything related to Japanese."
Fuck that crowd of anchovies nearly destroyed the lunch trays, as they bumrush hastily to get their damn free pizza.
by AsianLover! November 10, 2010
An acronym meaning "Any Nigga Can Have Or Violate You". Used to describe a dumb bitch who ignores a guy who is genuinely interested in her to spend time with "the in crowd", "players" and people who have no respect for her.
Damn, that bitch is an anchovy! Look at her let those guys fondle her on the dance floor!
by Bob Whyte August 19, 2016
When two people cannot decide on the attractiveness of a third - usually when one person finds them hot and the other not. Much like the divisive reaction to finding anchovies on your pizza.
(Guy One) Dude she's hot!
(Guy Two) Fuck no, I've scraped better looking crap off my shoes.
(Together) ANCHOVY!
by Miss Tessmacher October 06, 2010
Dirty hippies who stink up the area they are near.
*sniff sniff* "What do I smell? Oh my god, it's those fucking anchovies again!"
by Jocelyn March 27, 2005
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