An Arabic name.


A complete stud, someone who is light and handsome.
That guy is Amer.

I wish i was Amer.

Im, Amer.
by PersianLionn January 25, 2011
Top Definition
a complete stud, someone who is tall dark and handsome and loves to pleasue women. That person is very cockey and full of himself but the girls still love him.Also known as a manwhore.
1. That man is such an amer.

2. Everyone in the world wants to be like Amer.
by John Decesare July 14, 2006
Amer is a coplete sexy hot boy that loves to plaesure himself. 'that guy is such an Amer' he is tall and every girl loves him. he is a manwhore and a bit of a slag. 'yummy i love amer' every1 fances amer. he is a player and a pimp. 'i wish i was Amer'.
'i love amer'
'i wish i ws amer'
'amer is such a pimp'
'that guy is such an amer'
by sexxiii girl February 06, 2008
A man of unfortunate circumstances in that he can relate to no one because he is, by default of his existence, too full of himself. This type of Amer is usually born into a life of exceptional privilege that alienates him from the majority of the world's population due to his exceptional wealth. In a singular case, Amer's encounters with other people are entirely nonexistent because he is so used to blatantly ignoring people of lesser status than himself. In his home country, people of noble blood pay no regard to the genuine quality of a person, which is unfortunately not a social practice transferrable to the U.S. It is a deeply pitiful life to be an Amer, especially if he comes to an American college where no one cares that his father helps to control the masses of his home country and friendships are founded based on an individuals honest characteristics. Sadly, Amer is most often born into a life where everything he could ever want or need or fuck is delivered to him on a gold platter with just a snap of his fingers, making for a huge distortion of reality far removed from the life of an American college student in debt barely able to afford a week's worth of meals. Amer is therefore usually a man incapable of making meaningful relationships or social networking in a constructive way, which is a pretty necessary skill for being a successful human being.
Amer's lifestyle could easily become a great hashtag. #MyLifeIsAmer #MLIA(mer)

"OOooohhh I sweated through my cashmere Armani tee. I'll just burn it and buy 5 new ones." #MLIA(mer)
"I have been to every single one of the top ten dance clubs in the world" #MLIA(mer)
"I don't like to fuck easy girls because I can have whoever I want. I like to fuck a girl who isn't into that sort of thing." #MLI(mer)

"Amer has enough money to lease a Mercedes Benz and pay the atrocious monthly parking fees and insurance on said car, so it's probably nearly a fair trade off for lacking the qualities of a decent human being of substance."

"Hey man, Amer has been jacking off for the past 9 hours while watching that stupid game of soccer, WTF."

"Dude did you see Amer today?"
"Wait, who is that again?"
by WitteHallorDie November 09, 2013
A biological term referring to the physiological phenomenon of a

penis becoming engored and enlarged; a boner
He got an amer while checking out his orgo professor.

He got so excited, he got an amer.
by koolguy13 August 15, 2013
1.A pretty little lady, which is silly-sad. 2.Blonde all around with zero common sense, but you gotta love it! 3.See Becky Podewils for further definitions...
My god you are such an amers! ~ or ~ When someone says something weird say... "amers" and chuckle.
by Matt Wanquiest December 05, 2003
Usually of the female nature. Blonde, large breasted, bubble butt, chews like a chipmunk and things of that nature. Mainly describing the perfect female, but with little brain activity.
Look at that blonde hottie trying to blow up her tire with her mouth. She's so "amers".
by Trav the Tool May 30, 2005

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