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Synonymous with Batshit crazy.
Ambar's doing her thing again on facebook.
by Trolltoli June 23, 2010
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A Sanskrit word for the Sky. A rare unique name for Indian guys, and sometimes girls as well. Connotations of coolness are involved.
My name is Ambar.

Ambar and his friends were playing music.
by RidersDawn February 07, 2010
Similar to "amber alert", but less severe
MIA (Missing In Action)

A person who is not heard from in a decent amount of time
-I haven't seen or heard from Ambar in a few months now...

-Where have you been? Seems like you're busting an Ambar.
by heregoes... April 14, 2011
Ambar is a female name used by indians. Ambars are usually very funny and talk a lot. Usually very cocky and full of themselves. They have a very sexy body and they love to show it off. They have a very large butt and they love it when guys touch them. Ambars are horny almost all the time and just want sex. Masturbation is their favourite activity.
That girl is bootylicious, she must be an Ambar.

Boy 1: That girl is horny all the time and just wants me in her.

Boy 2: She must be Ambar
by Legen killer May 29, 2012

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