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A series of numbers on the numpad that when typed while holding the ALT-key will produce a symbol not normally found on the keyboard.
Some examples of alt codes:
Alt+0215 = ×
Alt+0153 = ™
Alt+789 = §
Alt+0134 = †
by BlastMaster June 16, 2003
Code of an extended character. You can press Alt + Code on the NumPad to input a special character.
Alt codes can be found in some referances like this one
† Can be inputted by pressing Alt + 0134. 0134 is called an Alt Code
by ibmua August 19, 2008
A code that is a combination of ALT and a number on the number pad
Alt + 1 = ☺ That is the first Alt Code
by Mandogy December 31, 2014
Special charactors obtained by holding down ALT while numlock is on, and pressing numbers on the numpad.

135= ç

148= ö

281= ↓




♥♦♣♠ hahahhaha ♫ ♀ ♪ ♂
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
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