Alternate, simplified version of "all right." Often used in place of "okay" or "fine." Used almost exclusively in email, chat, video games and subtitled movies and anime by folks who slept through English.
1. "No self-respecting editor would allow 'alright' to be used in a novel, nor any English teacher would allow it in an essay, but when it comes to popular culture, I guess it's all right."

2. Akane: "Ranma, are you alright?"
by Spy Magician June 08, 2003
Instead of saying "hello" or "hi" anymore, some socially hip people decided to use "Alright?"accompanied by the famous 'sup?' nod as a way of communicating to lesser mortals.

Some people think that when someone says "Alright?" to them, they should respond with how they are. Do not do this. You will be exposed as an uneducated idiot,
Samantha, while listening to some band I've never heard of and reading the works of Ismail Kadare and drinking Starbucks: "Alright?"
Me: Um, I'm fine thanks.
Samantha:*rolls eyes*
Me: *dies in a hole all alone with no friends*
by Fighting Fit April 23, 2011
1.saying okay
2.of you call a person alright you are saying that they are amazing , awesome , brilliant , and you want to love them
peter pan is alright
by big playa 97 February 28, 2015
Can be used if mocking an excited American child.
Mom: Oh jamie, Daddy is coming back from New York!

Jamie: For my Birthday, alright!
by S_B August 08, 2006
A common greeting, and response to a greeting, in the New Orleans, Louisiana area. Can be used interchangably with other common greetings, such as where y'at and what it is. Often heard from passers-by on the street.
stranger you pass on the street: "Alright, bra."
you: "Yo, what it is?"
by dziban303 February 21, 2007
1.Originally coming from Family Guy's Glen Quagmire, this word is used to show that one is sexually exited.
2.When you see some one that you think is sexy, you might say alright!
(attractive woman walks into room)

by Mickey D June 16, 2006
A combination of shit, useless and stupid, specifically used to refer to on-field performances by Perth Glory's so-called defender, Jamie Coyne.
How did Jamie Coyne go in the game last night?

Yeah, he did alright, only responsible for 2 of the goals against us.
by ~TAG~ November 24, 2010

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