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break·slow (brék'slö)

For lazy people, the first meal of the day. Usually consumed between the PM hours of 12:00 and 3:00, lasting a half hour at the least.
I had waffles for breakslow today, thank God I still live with my Mom.
by Splic July 03, 2005
Alright + Righteous = Alrighteous

Used alone when acknowledging something that you agree with.
Caitlyn ok...im kinda still wiped, so i may head off to bed here
Calvin Alrighteous.
by Splic February 07, 2005

That's All.
Yeah, I like her, thassall there is to it.
by Splic March 13, 2005
Sarcastic way of saying "Good game no remake okay thanks", (no remake is derived from Starcraft chat, meaning "do not remake this game, I will not join") generally used when someone is pwnt.
Teh Ownzor kills Teh Noob

<Teh Ownzor> ggnormkthx
<Teh Noob> Huh?
by Splic June 16, 2004
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