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not a real word... a misspelling of all right
all right I'm coming over
by recept0r May 17, 2005
44 59
1. Illiterate spelling of all right. See alwrong.

2. What someone named Al Right might tack onto his screen names or e-mail addresses.
1. Nobody knows where the braindead "word" alright came from, considering all right] is a compound word with an obvious meaning, while words such as altogether and already are completely unrelated.

2. alright@fakesite.fake
by Intelligence: The Anti-N00b April 07, 2005
48 65
the retard's way for saying all rright. this is not proper english. alright is not a word. see all right
it's not the right way, all right?
by evan March 25, 2005
19 53