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Common in the youth's of London and spreading across the United Kingdom rapidly. Allow is like a default word for 'fuck' or 'screw'. Aimed at either an inanimate object or particular person/group of people.
person 1: The boy's can't come to the cinema, they're watching the football.
person 2: Allow them. We'll go anyway.


Person 1: I heard him say that about you.
Person 2: Allow him, he's got a big nose anyway.


Person 1: It's going to be raining all weekend.
Person 2: Allow it. We'll go to the beach next weekend.
by georgie333 August 15, 2010
To Allow: specifically of females, to have sex with. Usually only used in the conditional, as in "I would allow that". Often abbreviated to "'low".
Steve: That bint is fucking dull, mate.

Dave: Yeah. You know you'd allow her though.

Steve: Fair enough mate. I'd allow.
by Uncle Twatflaps October 25, 2006