In possession of all good qualities.
by VAKI5 September 25, 2003
Means -- as much good stuff as you can imagine.

I just noticed that Socrates said it first in Plato's Symposium (a dinner party story) when he was commenting on the kind of praise everyone was giving the god "Love" and how it might not be true praise, but maybe only flattery. It's liable to be exaggerated flattery because there is no one listening who really knows him (the god Love) who's gonna prove you wrong.
"And so you attribute to Love every imaginable form of praise which can be gathered anywhere; and you say that "he is all this," and "the cause of all that," making him appear the fairest and best of all to those who know him not, for you cannot impose upon those who know him."
by Gwendolyn D' Fortuna February 28, 2007
Someone who thinks they are the best lookin thang and can wear anything and still look hot...usually a ho. They believe can get anything and anyone they want, usually a man.
"he might think he all that, but he not!"

"Zaheen got a complete makeover cuz her friend Kevin let her know bout reality that she ain't all that even though she think otherwise"

"I'm all that and a bag of chips, plus dip...and fuckin' coke"

"ya'll must think I'm all that cuz you sayin' it you see what I'm sayin'?"

"I may be fat, but honey I'm all that"
by Kevin F April 28, 2005
What a lot of those rich chicks who are popular and pretty think they are, but in reality, they suck and are vain.
Why would you want to think you're better when you have money and popularity? What's on the inside is what is more important!
by lunar shadows January 28, 2005

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