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When you do graffiti and you get your name all over your city. Meaning people can drive/walk anywhere in town and they'll see your name over and over.
Damn that dude CHAKA LOD was all city L.A.
by Theo Huxtable September 30, 2005
68 9
Word used to describe a graffiti writer who achieves the status of king in a city or region. Typically prolific in terms of tags, throw-ups AND pieces. May also be known for stencils, wheat pasting or other guerilla tactics. All-city status is most often temporary as writers can only reign the streets for so long before they are repeatedly arrested, become increasingly involved in a more above-ground arts community or move on to other hobbies/retire. Derived from the term all-star. Can also refer to a group of writers (unlike king).
In the summer of 97' Perl was all-city for sure. He had tags from the lay-ups to the lunchlines and burners at all the spots.
by Perm One April 26, 2008
9 4
if a graffiti writers tag is up all over town that means he/she is allcity.
damn,i've SEEN his tag in different spots around town like 10 times only today,he's gotta be allcity.
by case 35 October 15, 2006
2 0
To have your name up (graffiti) in every city surrounding you.
I just have to kill a few more areas in Queens before I'm all city.
by resk March 02, 2005
10 36
To tag or bomb on a train on any line. It could be an all car or just a dub on part of the car.
"I just sprayed my dub on the northern line, im goin all city baby!"
by Blazer_tom April 05, 2006
9 44