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A variation of the phrase "on it", e.g., ...on it like a fly on shit, ...on it like white on rice.
The last time I made a math error the IRS was all over it like a duck on a junebug.
by harry flashman July 14, 2003
Idiomatic expression, implying that something is under control or taken care of. Superlative of the phrase "I'm on it."
Sam: "I need this done by noon!"
Dave: "I'm all over it!"
by Tim Bessler July 27, 2003
Completely enthusiastic or expert about a particular topic.

Not to be confused with over it
I'm all over the Urban Dictionary.
by warren b October 21, 2001
Showering something with attention
I saw that ass and was all over it.
by X July 28, 2003
to dispatch with alacricity; to take care of with gusto
I'm all over it (finsihing that project)
As soon as they found the leftover cake, they were all over it
by mandingoe July 16, 2003
" Have it covered " or Have the situation totally under control
"Man that was a great game of b-ball" " yeah, you were all over it"
by KEN July 27, 2003
If someone is able to complete a task, and can do it right away, they are considered to be "all over it"
Hey dude could you grab me a mountain dew? I'm all over it man. Here ya go.
by MC July 27, 2003
Totally involved in an action or event.

Also to be in control of a problem or situation.
Don't worry about the fire, i'm all over it.

by Stefan July 13, 2003