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to purchase or participate in without question. Can be used as "all over that shit" as appropriate
Oh that sale at Payless Shoes? I was all over it.
by Mighty B July 22, 2003
5 1
under conrtol
I'm all over it
by anonymous July 23, 2003
5 3
Totally about it; Taking it in every way it can be taken; Having one's way with it.
A party with free booze? I'd be all over it like a pit bull on a poodle!
by Grape Shasta July 20, 2003
2 0
used to desribe a horny person
tom grant was all over it last night, he couldn't get enough
by birdman July 19, 2003
4 2
Earnest-sounding fluff, typically delivered with a positive, confident tone and enthusiasm, to take up space in a supervisor's auditory processing capacity so as to defer investigation into the porn surfing habits of a student or employee.

"The Pinsky file Sir? I'm all over it!"

"My term paper due tomorrow? All over it!"
by Lu Martling July 16, 2003
2 0
the situation will soon be taken care of; to show desire
"Can you beat the shit out of that guy?" "I'm all over it"

"He thinks your hot!" "I'm all over it!"
by Lindsay July 13, 2003
2 0
a term used to say that someone is "all over" another person. esp. a sexual part of the body
dman yo! she was all over it!
by fook yu July 30, 2003
2 1