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104 definitions by KEN

To open handedley slap someone. Denote disrespect for the person being bitch slapped as they are not worthy of a man sized punch. Suggests the slap was met with little resistance and much whining
Kieth owed me that $20 for weeks and I had to bitch slap the M.F. to get it back.
by Ken November 29, 2002
Defacating into a sock in order to avoid having to get up from your computer to use the toilet. Often utilized when playing online role playing games.
John was poopsocking all the way to level 60 this weekend.
by Ken March 14, 2005
A Japanese phrase that literally translates to "rising dragon punch", used to describe one of the most powerful strikes utilized in the martial art discipline of Shotokan Karate depicted in the popular Capcom video game series, Street Fighter.
Ryu exclaims "shoryuken", while leaping upwards to deliver an uppercut punch to his opponent.
by Ken January 15, 2004
Best city in the godam world my homeland lol
I love Hong Kong
by Ken May 29, 2004
a 4chan meme, the african american from bangbus.com, he is seen on 4chan in several picturesa and flashes.
"it happy negro, pedobear and cock mongler!"
by ken February 02, 2005
skipping a part of a story that you dont want to tell.
I met this lawyer, we went out to dinner (i had the lopster bisk) we went up to his place, yada yada yada i never heard from him again.
by ken November 16, 2004
a small town in the heart of kansas were extremly weird things happen from a metor that hit close by about 15 years ago
i wanna move out to smallville.
by ken November 17, 2004