A total whore who loves to flirt around with their best friends boyfriend. Has no shame what so ever.
She only has respect for a handful of people, and even then she's a dirty bitch to them.

Not someone you want to be close with. She's a total backstabber. She's also known to be two faced, and slutty.

She gets offended when called a slut or whore, because she already knows it true, & she has a little voice in the back of her head saying "OH SHIT, THEY KNOW!"
Likes to be the center of attention, loves to start shit just for the hell of it, and very easily jealous.
Person 1: Have you seen my boyfriend? He was suppose to meet me at my place for our 6 month anniversary..

Person 2: Yeah, I saw him being grabbed by the balls and dragged into the girls bathroom by a whore with shorts so short they could be underwear.

Person 1: AW FUCK, Alisha seduced him AGAIN. fml. </3
by Live.It.The.Best.Way August 17, 2011
A girl who is ugly and nasty . some 1 who will make u wanna throw up . she is 18 . she doesnt know how to dress . she has never dated any 1 .
Girl 1 : who is that girl?
Girl 2 : her name is alisha.
Girl 1 : she is ugly as hell !
Girl 2 : i bet she has never got any.
Girl 1 : naahhh i bet not.
by Peacelover101 October 15, 2011
a girl who is tends to sleep around with different people, especially while pregnant. Likes to take fathers away from their own children so they can raise her kid. is known to have scabies and nasty spider bites. lost all the real friends because she was two faced, and crying over them marrying her ex. a girl who tried to marry a drug dealer in jail, but was dumped at last minute. someone who got beat up by their own father when they were22 years old. makes around 18388 a year serving food. a girl who tends to live in income based apartments, receives foodstamps, daycare assistance, and yet has enough money to get nails done every week.
that girl alisha is nasty and trashy and such a whore...
by aldfhsdjkfhdksjghou July 20, 2010
An amazingly beautiful girl inside and out. She is never short of attracting the opposite sex, however is very selective with her choice of men she likes to date. Those ever lucky enough to partner her tend to place her on a pedestal. She is a great kisser and always leaves you wanting more. She is very confident within herself and you always know where you stand with her. She is an understanding and caring person who loves to have a good time. Much loved by bocky <3
Alisha + Bocky= ❤️
by Bocky my nigg July 24, 2016
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