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A set of piercings done in the lower lip, usually involving two or three holes. See also snake bites.
Forget one piercing, I want spider bites!
by tolana December 12, 2006
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Two piercings on lower lip (can also be two on both sides of lip = 4 piercings) mainly only 2 done
Vanessa only has one set of Spider Bites, but they still look good.
by SPiDER_BiTTEN January 23, 2009
Double piercings usually on the bottom lip, side by side (one right next to the either). Can be either on the center, right or left side. Studs, Retainers or Captive Hoops can be used.
A : "I got my lip pierced today!"
B : "Oh really what did you do?"
A : "I got SpiderBites!"
B : "Like... SnakeBites?"
A : "No no. they're side by side"
by Afterrhythmia March 15, 2009
two piercings on both sides of your lip. two on the left side and two on the right side.
damn those spider bites are tight
by sharkbate March 14, 2007
During sex, when the man gives a hickie just above the vagina, bites it to break the skin, then ejaculates on the hickie/bite.
She's wild - totally into spider bites!
by ItsyBitsySpidey June 14, 2011
2 lip peircings on the side
mainly worn by emo's
pretend this is a lip
Emo kid one: OMG! im getting a spider bite for my birthday
Emo kid two: you mean a snake bite
emo kid one: no you dushe bag. Gosh!
by arggen yarggen blarggen December 13, 2007
Slang: synonomous with asshole. Because a normal tight sphincter resembles a bite from a spider.
Last night I did Jan right in the spider bite.
by G.B. August 15, 2005

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