An amazingly beautiful girl inside and out.

She is never short of attracting the opposite sex, however is very selective with her choice of men she likes to date.

A wonderful, charming, beautiful, gorgeous curvacious female who is sexy and hot as hell.

She is very confident within herself and you always know where you stand with her. She is an understanding and caring person who loves to have a good time.

Has a great personality and will talk to anybody. She is always willing to give a helping hand. She is definitely one of the greatest people alive.

If you have an Alisha in your life then you have been blessed by the gods. She is the daughter of Aphrodite, her heart will make you high on life.
Guy 1: "whoa check it out"
Guy 2: "woah its like shes straight out of a movie"
Guy3: "...and in slow motion" *drools*
Guy 4: "theres no doubt her name has to be Alisha!!!"
Guy 1,2,3: "hell yea"

Girl 1: "my friend alisha shes like woah, she attracts all the boys at the bar/club, but is fussy with who can date her, like she even rejected that celebrity from the ugly truth, i so wouldnt no girl would but like yea"
Girl2: "woah she must be a goddess, only a heart of gold can sweep her away"
#lambi #alisha #girlfriend #love #awesome #speechless #sexy #hot damn #angel
by MrPalavo February 03, 2012
She is a wonderful person and she does not know it. She has beautiful eyes and a very cute smile whenever you try to make her laugh. She's great in company coz she always comes up with something random and has gorgeous hair. Her only problem is that she keeps on running away to her own business and does not know how much she is hurting the people who loves her. She may hurt you unknowingly from time to time however the sound of her voice always mask her drawback because whenever you are not around her, you tend to miss her lively personality and think about her well being rather than being mad at her.

Mr. Gorilla :)
Alisha: (Voice) Eeeeeelllex!!

Friend: that's obviously Alisha!!
#beautiful #gorgeous #perky #wonderful #bitch
by Mr.Gorilla March 05, 2012
1. the most awesome person ever.
2. hottest bitch in town.
3. craaazzzyyy bitch in the best way
"did you see that chick this morning?"
"hellz yeah. she was sooooo an alisha"
(random girl) "even i'd do her"
#amazing #shenanigans #bangin #hot #crazy #fantastic
by bwahah February 01, 2009
An Alisha is a word you use to describe someone who is the slutbag of your college campus. She will do anything she can to sleep with the entire football team. Her preference is African-American men although will accept anything willing to get in her pants. Beware of Alisha's, they are sneaky little bitches. They are extremely good at pretending like they are your best friend, and then stealing your exes. A good repellant to Alisha's are to tell them exactly what you feel, and then they will become offended and stay away.
"That girl has turned into such an Alisha!"
#slut #whore #bitch #hoe #blonde
by psycho3991 January 01, 2013
a girl who likes to play all the guys she meets in her town
there goes alisha with one more guy.
#cheater #player #ho #a-hole #d-rider
by biges October 26, 2011
A total whore who loves to flirt around with their best friends boyfriend. Has no shame what so ever.
She only has respect for a handful of people, and even then she's a dirty bitch to them.

Not someone you want to be close with. She's a total backstabber. She's also known to be two faced, and slutty.

She gets offended when called a slut or whore, because she already knows it true, & she has a little voice in the back of her head saying "OH SHIT, THEY KNOW!"
Likes to be the center of attention, loves to start shit just for the hell of it, and very easily jealous.
Person 1: Have you seen my boyfriend? He was suppose to meet me at my place for our 6 month anniversary..

Person 2: Yeah, I saw him being grabbed by the balls and dragged into the girls bathroom by a whore with shorts so short they could be underwear.

Person 1: AW FUCK, Alisha seduced him AGAIN. fml. </3
#whore #backstabber #slut #dirty bitch #two faced #flirt
by Live.It.The.Best.Way August 17, 2011
A girl who is ugly and nasty . some 1 who will make u wanna throw up . she is 18 . she doesnt know how to dress . she has never dated any 1 .
Girl 1 : who is that girl?
Girl 2 : her name is alisha.
Girl 1 : she is ugly as hell !
Girl 2 : i bet she has never got any.
Girl 1 : naahhh i bet not.
#alisha #ugly #as #hell #bet #she #never #got #any
by Peacelover101 October 15, 2011
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