A prime example of the perfect friend. Tall slender with long hair Alice is mysterious but will warm up to you. Sweet with kind words and extremely intelligent Alice lives mostly on pastina and what is mainly a vegetarian diet however Alice will say she will gladly eat steak. Alice is always available to talk to and is very helpful in solving daily life dilemmas. All in all Alice is a wonderful person friend and vegetarian.
"I wish I had someone who could always be there"
"Yo Alice is always there for me"
by agreatbigworld January 25, 2015
Alice is beautiful girl with a charming personality. She is kind, funny, and flirty. She is unique in her own way. Alice excels in music and art because of her imaginative mind. She is an introvert and slightly socially challenged. She can be oversensitive, impulsive and is prone to mental illness. Alice is a dreamer - she drifts off into Wonderland and has trouble coming back.
Guy #1: Wow, that girl is something else!
Guy #2: Yeah she's gorgeous! But be careful, dude. She's an Alice.
by hoe.posts December 19, 2014
a nice aritistic and thoughtful girl. she is usually the type who tends to make you smile and laugh everyday especially when your having a bad day. Lots of boys tend to fall for alice but she only goes for one special guy :) alice carbery defines perfection <3
guy 1:Alice is so cool

Guy2: I'LL drink to that!
by Alice \ September 07, 2014
Alice is a girl who is smart, beautiful, talented, and respects everyone. She thinks ahead, and always stays positive. She knows everyone is different and doesn't treat others like they mean nothing.
"Hey, she's really nice, she's probably an Alice."
by penguins4life78 December 31, 2014
A beautiful, out-going, talented young lady that isn't the type of person that rejects nor is rejected thanks to her positive attitude. Anybody would lucky to have her as a friend and should value her with all their heart. Alice isn't only beautiful, out-going, or talented, she's one of those people who pit others before herself and knows when to act mature. Did I mention she's gorgeous?
-Hey I met this beautiful girl earlier.
-What's her name?
by KileyRiggs January 31, 2015
Alice means the most beautiful girl I know, she can think she's pretty cuz she is stunning. She's kind, funny and the nicest girl you will ever meet.
Any boy would be lucky to have an Alice
by ImSorryforthatIdidntwantu2see April 05, 2015
An attractive blonde girl with a sweet personality. unknown to some she has a totally different personality with other people she trusts. Can be dangerous, daring, very sexy and mysterious. She is someone who you want to know.
I bet that girls an Alice inside
by Päsçarâ November 15, 2014
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