To easily win a dance off or competition
Aw you just pulled an Alice when you did the running man there mate!
by Old man 30 October 28, 2014
Alice is a hilarious friend with an awesome personality. She is pretty, sporty and good a pretty much everything. Once you meet an Alice you will wonder what you did without her.
OMG is that Alice!!!
by bobthebobcat May 23, 2014
Alice means the most beautiful girl I know, she can think she's pretty cuz she is stunning. She's kind, funny and the nicest girl you will ever meet.
Any boy would be lucky to have an Alice
by ImSorryforthatIdidntwantu2see April 05, 2015
A piece of shit that I scraped off of my shoe
Damn, what is that on the carpet?

Oh, it's just Alice.
by Anus smeller May 20, 2015
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