another word for someone with a small penis
alice has a tiny willy in comparison to meaghan who is large.
by MOGANTHEBOGAN September 04, 2007
Alice, the name of a rectum poo stopper. Once inserted up the anus, one may go for days without needing the toilet pain free. (different sizes and measure available for your comfort.)
Person 1: Ergh! i have such bad diarrhea
Person 2: Here, you can borrow my Alice if it fits.
by luya October 26, 2011
Usually that of female gender, however often hiding a sex change. They are rather splendorous human beings with a tendency of being epic without meaning to be so. They are most often the more beautiful kind of entities in this world and enter only the most privileged people's lives. If you are ever lucky enough to encounter an 'Alice', treat her with the kindness and respect that a goddess like her deserves.

RULE NO.1 - An Alice is never wrong.
RULE NO.2 - An Alice is knowledgeable beyond words.
RULE NO.3 - An Alice will always be better than you. Don't even try to out do her... IT WON'T WORK.
I saw an Alice the other day. It was AWESOME.
by asdfghjk12345678901 February 24, 2013
An alice is a poor example of what should of been a women, they are loud and always have food in there hands and never wash or trim the bush. Always cock blocking
Male 1- mate i need you to take her friend
Male 2 - fuck of mate thats an alice right there
by legendofthebeast August 18, 2013
A glass of milk that has been sitting out in the sun for 12 days and has been spit in by homeless dogs.
Eew i accidently drank some alice.
by tiobla June 26, 2009
The funk, spice, and sugar of my dreams. She's both my vanilla and chocolate. She can be crazy and wild, she can be sweet and calm. She's all slim, but with booty. She's the one you only see when you glance the second time, but she's also the one you won't ever want to let go. She is the ingredient that makes me whole.
Boy 1: That girl's crazy! Look at her laugh. But she's so cute!

Boy 2: Yea, she's def an Alice.
Boy 3: Yea, that's my Alice. My wild card.
by CrazyCard2 September 19, 2009
A name used by older men to their wives; usually in a joking way.
"Alice go fix me a sandwich. Thank ya baby!"
by jaycp May 01, 2013

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