The very definition of food moocher. Beware, run if you see one staring at your food for long periods of time. If she gets a hold of your food, run even faster, Chance of getting spit on by food she has devoured. She also sucks at thirteen, and Tetris.
Wow, i beat alice in tetris, i wasn't even trying. But then she took my food after. ]=
by LootleTootle May 30, 2014
Alice, Alice is a sarcastic, rude, bully, who everyone loves because she has big cheeks and a laugh that forces you to not be mad. Alice has perfect hair, has a bajillion clothes. If you want to date Alice you better get over it because no ones perfect enough for little Alice. Literally, she's like only 5 feet tall, no one can reach her standards.
Guy: Alice, we've been friends for a long time, I think we should move our relationship to the next level.
Alice: Eww (adorable laugh) Your funny, I got to go.
by Seanthegreat November 09, 2013
a young, beautiful, sophisticated woman who is confident in all that she does.
This girl is truly and Alice
by BroccoliRabe June 11, 2005
Alice. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Her soul is just as pure and unique as her looks, which are so stunning many men would drop down at her feet and beg for her hand in marriage at a first glance. She would never hurt anyone, she is always there for you and when in need she will always give support. Her love is everlasting and everything radiates happiness from her. Her laugh is incredible and to find an Alice in your lifetime, is one of the most memorable friendships you will ever have, and your life is likely to lack magic, before an Alice turns up :')
Person 1 - Hey who's that new girl?
Person 2 - Some girl called Alice?

a week later:
Person 1 - Hey alice! come sit with us!
Person 2 - Are you kidding, shes too awesome for us?!
Alice - Hey guys, wanna share some milka?
Person 1 + 2 - BY GOD SHES AN ANGEL!!!
by sp1398 October 07, 2012
A reallyreallyreally nice girl, that's like stupid pretty and every class that ya get with her if you ain't sitting next to her your a fool. Also having only 2 classes with her really sucks.
Guy 1-"Why are there like 12 guys trying to fight for that seat"
Guy 2-"Because its next to Alice"
*Guy 1 and 2 rush to join the fight for the seat*
by MLGFilthyCasual March 23, 2014
Also known as a curly penis. This is when the penis is so big you need to curl it up into a coil shape, where it is then taped to your leg.
Damn my Alice is itchy
by sagsgD April 14, 2008
a girl who is totally amazing.she is absolutley beautiful but kinda kooky.shes crazy and is up 4 anything.alice is usually blue or green eyed and gorgus.alices tend to be very curvy and lyk to dress outside of the box.they belive in destiny and fate,they also belive in ghosts and mediums.she never really notices how gorge she is and disrespects her self a lotta the tym.everyone shud have an alice in their life.she is a rlly bad at sports but doesnt give a fuck.she will always be there for you an always trys 2 cheer u up:))<3
dude1:*realllly pritty girl walks by*woah.
dude2:well she was an alice.
by courtneyyyxxxx March 06, 2012

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