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cute, funny, smart, beautiful, amazing

A guy would die for this girl. She has a unique personality and she's loyal to her friends.
If you have a friend named Alice, you should be happy
by Megan Voucher December 11, 2013
10 230
Alice is tall, thin & typical blonde but with a good booty!! Someone with a good sense of humour, she's the loveliest girl you'll ever meet but she also has a wild card about her. She's very attractive and affectionate and will satisfy your every need!
Alice is perfect! booty blonde tall slim perfect lovely funny
by Sarah binkey October 19, 2013
9 229
Alice is a name meaning utmost perfection.

Alice is usually brunette with hazel green eyes.
Very sexy, intelligent and perfect.
Hillarious, not afraid to speak her mind.
Big booty.
Usually very athletic and musical.
Stunning and great in bed.
~woah, did you see that hot girl?

-Yeah she's totally an Alice
by jessicaallen123654 July 13, 2013
10 230
A beautiful girl. Hot & Sexy.
Joe : "Yo man you see dat shawty over there."
John : "Yeah man dang she hot, any guy wud be so lucky to have her"
Joe : "Yeah she's totally an Alice."
by muslimhater123 March 25, 2013
14 234
a girl who is... kind, loving, amazing, nice, pretty, magnificent sporty, dazzling, lovely, wonderful, interesting, funny, graceful, stunning, radiant, shy...

of COURSE!!!

i do not have one :( sorry alice
by LINK!! :P November 25, 2012
57 279
A shy, sweet young lady. Old fashioned with a modern twist. A total gamer, flaming redhead. The girl who hardly talks to people, but once you talk to her and befriend her, you won't want to let her go. A whole new, amazing person is under that shy shell. Boy's fall head over heels for the gal while many girls envy.
Dude, have you met Alice yet?

-Nahh, I've seen her though. Hot, but doesn't talk much does she?

Just go say hi, she's awesome. She's just amazing!
by YourMomsAwhale December 03, 2012
31 255
An amazing girl who is always smiling, bubbly and laughing. She is really pretty and makes all her friends laugh by her unique, crazy personality.
"Who's that girl, she is so sweet and funny"
"Oh, that's Alice"
by youwishjelllyfish May 26, 2013
20 256