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A waste of an hour every day
Buddy-"How was algebra".

You-"I need to go beat up a homeless farret for an hour".
by BankingDJ March 29, 2010
Being amzing, doing something cool or being good at something. Usually said to someone with the last name of grom or anyone that knows what it means.
Hey dude thats Grom-licious how did you do that. Dang thats grom-licious thats whats up
by BankingDJ March 25, 2010
A derogatory word called at a male who is gay.
hey you pooperscooper how was it last night
by BankingDJ March 24, 2010
When you play basketball for a long period of time and you dont shave your face and it gets dirty and finally when you start "sucking" like oh i dont know say Pullen off the K-state team. Finally it gets to the point of no return; you get crabs in your beard.
"Fear The beard man Fear The beard". Why? Does he have crabs? Chin warts?
by BankingDJ March 25, 2010

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