Alec is a very sweet, sarcastic, athletic, cute guy. He makes you laugh every single day. He is friends with lots of other guys. He totally understands you and he seems like he likes you but you don't know because he gives over very mixed signals.
Look at Alec! He's making more people laugh again!
by MadisonShipley November 15, 2012
Alec is a type of guy who you think would be a weakling but has more abs than all the people you know. Alec would be the kind of guy you want to date even if he is dating your best friend. He is always nice to you and will share his secrets with even if he knows you will tell them. In the end he is a great friend.
Alec: hey I'm not weak

You: yeah u are

Alec: oh yeah well I got abs see

You: holy crap
by Peopleyoudontknow November 30, 2012
Alec's are very sweet boys. They usually play a lot of video games and can be mistaken for gay--but are also very shy. The cutest things about alec's are their smile and their voice.
Alecs usually fall of girls with short names such as anne, mary, erin, jane, bella and such.
Alecs usually like girls with something peculiar about them or if they're creative in some sort of way. Alecs make sweet boyfriends some of the time but most of the time they would just want to make out with you.
They are very protective during a relationship and will stand by you no matter what comes.
Alecs are so great and amazing, so if you have an alec--DONT LET HIM GO!
ethan: so dude i heard you like that girl jane
alec: yeah she's really good at singing and drawing
by allamantes October 27, 2013
Kind, mucsly, smart well he is just a tank. Alec's are usually chick magnets and really good at sport. They have 8 inchers. One day they will be famous and will have all the ladies.
Random: Wow! Look over there that guy is a total Alec
by rajesh is da best September 09, 2013
A term for a white male who was "adopted" by asians. The white male feels he fits in with the asians, but in fact the asians have no clue as to why he is there. This term can also be used for a white male that cannot dance at all, or is just extremely annoying and weird.
John: Dude who the hell is that guy?
Jimmy: Dude I don't know but i definitely hope he's not an alec.
by nohomoplease March 03, 2008
The feeling you get when extremely tired and begin to feel mystical and wise, when you're really just fucking delirious.
He was getting all alec on me; I had to bitchslap his ass.
by Bjorkish October 09, 2007
A large lump in your nutsack.
Ive got this huge Alec in my right ballsack Alec
by Pataypfb November 05, 2013

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