A man whore who is a cool cat and is way to fun to talk too . (: alec's love to treat people like they are retarded and talk to people like they are babies . He gets himself in trouble on purpose cause he thinks its "cute" when people hit him ..... smh thats sucha alec move (: Him and his family cuss like a sailors and loves to talk to himself because no one else will ...... jk (;
what a total alec he would report himself on facebook ...

wow only alec would dooo that ....

having fun talking to urself alec ? (;

ALEC STOP , bad alec thats strike 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
by FU on FB (: June 24, 2011
The name of a fine homosexual. Often hits his junk against a wall to where pre-cum oozes, and then he puts it in a cup, shits in it, and then butt-gasms in to it. the name Alec is a strange ordeal. he walks like a walrus receiving fellatio. His thunder thighs sound like gunshots.
Jerry: "Oh, fuck. who is that?"

Steve:" I don't know, but he looks like a real Alec."
by Mr. Drag Queen February 15, 2012
An odd-shaped dick
The guy i am dating has an alec
by tyi9089 November 10, 2011
A four inch long nipple hair. Usually straight, or combed.
I never knew you had an Alec!
by Frankjaeger December 14, 2007
Complete and utter douche bag. He gets girls but he has a girlfriend. He constantly talks and flirts with other women and does not have any friends because of his douchebagness. His girlfriend should dump him but he sweet talks her to death and gets her back onto track. Alec's come off as cool but is really not and is an asshole to girls.
Man that kid is a complete asshole, he must be an alec.
by Lambaa94 February 20, 2011
A hillbilly kid with a mullet. he cant take being told he has a mullet. and by the way hes a redneck. he doesnt realize that mullets are out of style and he should geta haircut.
Man, look at that alec. Yeah i know that has to be the biggest alec i ever met
by alechasabigmullet May 25, 2010
the most annoying person ever, follows you around everywhere, has the worst insults ever that make no sense, and generally all the girls hate him with a passion
Damn alec you spilled milk on me

haha alec just ran into a wall
by Devatt March 12, 2010

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