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the most annoying person ever, follows you around everywhere, has the worst insults ever that make no sense, and generally all the girls hate him with a passion
Damn alec you spilled milk on me

haha alec just ran into a wall
by Devatt March 12, 2010
A hillbilly kid with a mullet. he cant take being told he has a mullet. and by the way hes a redneck. he doesnt realize that mullets are out of style and he should geta haircut.
Man, look at that alec. Yeah i know that has to be the biggest alec i ever met
by alechasabigmullet May 25, 2010
A hot Mexican boy who looks Indian and jacks off at inappropriate times; however, this jacking off is hilarious and accepted by those around him.

To pull an alec: to jack off either on the phone or in a movie theater for a very long period of time.
Dude, that guy pulled an alec while I was ass-raping him in World of Warcraft!!!
by Clarisssssssssse October 19, 2008
A extremely irritating subspecies of the species "homosapian". Theyre is research that shows that the "Alec" may be closely related to the Gorilla. His pastimes include causing mischief, not paying attention, being annoying, and long walks on the beach
Dude, Alec stole my pencil and ate it, again...
by patttyflynniganio May 28, 2008
Alec is a person who prefers to be called Alexandra for some reason despite him being a guy. An Alec also loves to be called Alex all the time. Additionally an Alec loves to drink way too much Pepsi and Gatorade and juice with vodka. An Alec HATES beer. Furthermore an Alec is an extremely picky eater who refuses to eat anything but poorly nutritious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Also an Alec hates fat people but is ultimately destined to become fat himself, not only to due to karma but also due to his terrible eating and drinking habits. An Alec also sucks terribly at Mario Kart and just about any other video game for that matter. He is also extremely competitive in just about every aspect which is bound to get him in trouble at some point. Also an Alec is easily beaten by a girl of any age and size. An Alec also struggles in life due to his stunted growth, how sad...An Alec excels at Wrestling but falls behind in many others aspects including academics. An Alec has a really awesome roommate always. His roommate is probably the coolest guy in the world and is significantly taller than Alec, only fueling Alec's insecurity about his height.
Alec is also a verb which means excessive eater.
You should alec less in life.
by CoolGuy@Madison February 25, 2009
a unique giirl with a crazy white mother.
hot body and veryy friendlyy!! good sense of humor, can make you laugh.

likes to argue and gets mad easily. not afraid to admit faults. afraid of rejection.
bob"did you see Alec today?"
fred"yeahh, shes pretty cool."
by rhinogiirl$$ February 08, 2009
A lonely prick who has no life. He loves to hurt other people, and thrives off of attention from kind people around him. Alecs normally need to grow up, get a life, and leave people alone.
Don't be an Alec.
by AllTheLonelyPeople March 19, 2009