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The sexiest man alive. He's caring, sweet, sensitive, a great kisser, and confident. He helps his closest friends with all of their problems. He's hard headed, but has the sweetest heart and doesn't let people step all over him. He can make anyone laugh. There's only that one girl he really wants even though he flirts with other girls. You may end up falling for him, but he usually doesn't catch you.
Wow! I have never seen someone so sexy. He must be a Alecs.
by AnonymousChickaroo123 May 31, 2010
A shortened way of saying Alikmenos, the greek god of trickery and comedy. Known for his trick of stealing a bull from the Great Agora, Alikmenos was banished from the heavens.
Alec, is a shortened greek god.
by jimbob89 March 12, 2008
An Alec is a person who is kind at heart. He/she has a fantastic leader complex and is hard not to like. This person is not afraid of faults and will take anyone's crap. They tend to be tall and very intelligent. They are always equipped with with a strong vocabulary and stupifying wit. They also tend to be very attractive but don't realize it. They downplay their intelligence and their looks. Over all, an Alec is an amazing person.
"Hey, that kid as attractive and smart! Look at how he(she) takes charge of that group. Must be an Alec.
by epicfailur293 May 20, 2013
Alec is a Alien that Probes people at night
Alec, He Probes people at night on his space ship
by Prober greetings earthlings February 11, 2013
A totally attractive kid. He's usually funny, stupid, nice, shy, and really really HOT! ;] He doesn't like to get into fights and likes brunettes. He usually has blonde hair. And likes the girls that can be loud but calm, when needed. Also he works out a lot, and achieves his goals without anything stopping him. :]
Girl 1: Whoa, Look at that guy!! :D
Girl2: Holy crap, That has to be an Alec. o_o
by Sodapop1290 June 26, 2012
A really hot and very sweet guy that goes to my school that is going out with a girl named Summer. But i don't know her, and they need to kiss more often....
person1:OMG look at Alec
person2:Look at that summer
person1:she totally doesnt kiss him enough
by BootyCall421 November 20, 2011
a dick that can grow to a MASSIVE size. usually wide and as hairy as your grandfather's ass.
Kourtney: omg. that guy has an alec.
Zoe: im gonna go fuck him now.
by granny221100 March 06, 2010