a very charming man who is intensely smart and at the same time fun and playful. an Alec has both intellectual and artistic talents and can be funny and serious in the same conversation. Alec's like sincere friends and prefer girls who are calm and sweet over excessive and loud. Anyone who befriends an Alec is a friend for life and loves him always. Those who might try to hurt an Alec will be surprised that they are the one's who end up hurt as many will always have an Alec's back. A true friend and loyal soul.
You are SO lucky to have found such an Alec!

I wish I knew an Alec.
by Kateylove1 December 02, 2011
Totally sweet and kind sort of guy i guess. Kind of dorky, yet really smart and sweet. Really cute and generous, doesn't like to be made fun of or hurt people's feelings. Hard to not love all the time.
He's sooo cute!

I know right?

That must be Alec(:
by CoffinClub February 17, 2011
HOT. Alec is sweet but can be a player. watch out girls he's a heart breaker.
he's such an alec!
by anniebabygurl November 26, 2010
A guy who is usually tall. Most girls can't help but be attracted to Alecs because most tend to work out and build muscle easily. They are very tan and attractive. Most are Jewish but not Israeli and piss a lot of people off when they feel like it. If you find yourself annoyed or pissed at Alec you'll get over it when he talks to you because it's too challenging win an argument with him.
Girl- Do you see that boy over there?
Girl 2- Yeah thats Alec
Girl- OMG he's soooo hot
Girl 2- yeah too bad he has a girlfriend
Girl- AWWWW fuck
by WooWooChooChoo November 02, 2010
The sexiest man alive. He's caring, sweet, sensitive, a great kisser, and confident. He helps his closest friends with all of their problems. He's hard headed, but has the sweetest heart and doesn't let people step all over him. He can make anyone laugh. There's only that one girl he really wants even though he flirts with other girls. You may end up falling for him, but he usually doesn't catch you.
Wow! I have never seen someone so sexy. He must be a Alecs.
by AnonymousChickaroo123 May 31, 2010
total stud muffin, hottest guy that ever set foot on the earth, cute, cool, funny, charming, romantic, smart, chick magnet, ultimate sex position, some one who has an AWESOME GIRLFRIEND NAMED JILL, and loud person.
a kid named alec that goes to the montgomery school.
by hgjkdflhfjkghdfak October 27, 2007
A guy who sits next to you in math class. This person can be very moody, and on bad days is a little frustrating.. but otherwise his sarcastic humour is quite funny, and he may actually make you laugh every once in a while. He is very similar to an Adriano, except for that whole Italian thing.
person sees a guy combing his hair.. "that's such an alec thing to do"
by jasezovem... November 14, 2010
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