After a night of drinking, the next morning you are continuously farting, nonstop!
Hey bro, I've had alco pops all fucking morning!
by Joe rubin January 15, 2008
Your alcoholic father
Hey man, where'd you get the black eye? Did your alcopops hit you again?
by zapple December 05, 2006
the modern day chu hi in Japan
Go to the 7-11 and grab some alcopops.
by mr. rogers December 27, 2006
is a fruity drink with a little bit of alcohol in it! generally for girls! also known as a cooler in america!
your a fag for drinkin them alcopops
by maphro December 07, 2006
When you put your beer in freezer to get cold faster, and it's in too long so it's frozen. Making it separate so it taste on good.
Oh shit, I put my six pack of beer in the freezer to get cold, but I forgot it so it's a alcopops now!
by Mykie December 05, 2006

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