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A teenage chavette with low self esteem.Who,in order to fit in lets small groups of chav-lads play with her pussy while she gets 'free' alcopops/lager as a sweetner.
" That chavette on the park was playing hard to get last night.But as soon as we offered her some alcopops she just lay back on the grass(drinking away)while the 'cru' took it in turns to play with her pussy".
"She thought she was being a real 'pimpette' but she's just an alcopop pussy".
by CHAVLOSERS December 10, 2006
Bruncle-tash's are more commonly found on that peasant underclass known as 'chavs'.
''Ere Dwayne what's going on with your mouth.Are you trying to grow a moustache or something?''

''Nah brethrin! brrrap...I az spent da evening feltchin me bruncledads chocolate starfish,u get me.Now i've got me very own bruncle-tash,itz well wicked.....innit!!''
by chavlosers November 25, 2007

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