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Funny or embarrassing circumstances that arise from the consumption of alcohol
M: "Did you hear about J last night?"

E: "No, what happened?"

M: "She was so wasted she followed K around all night trying to score him"

E: "Alcolol!"
by spinme December 29, 2007
A rare enzyme that is converted from alcohol in certain people.
My body converts alcohol into alcolol. I'm a funny drunk.
by sethkc December 28, 2009
a picture of a drunk person, captioned with funny, cute, ridiculous, or nonsense words in IMPACT font. Like a LOLcat, but more of a LOLdrunk.
take a picture of that wasted kid in line ordering at a 24hr McDonald's... we can caption it 'I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER?'

that is an alcoLOL.

by alcoLOLz March 25, 2009
After drinking Alcohol, You will do this.
Dude we are gonna be so Alcololling tonight after we drink!
by Alek Viselli February 02, 2008
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