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An individual that combines their love of alcohol with their love of a good laugh, especially online.

As their alcohol intake rises they laugh harder and their comebacks become snappier until the critical point is passed and they, and their posts, go into sharp decline.

Normally, at this point, wine is spilt on to the keyboard and they flounce off to bed.
John: Wow, Cookiee is getting funnier and funnier tonight.

Sean: She's an alcoLOLic, her funniness is in direct correlation to her alcohol intake.

John: She love's da vino!!!

coined the term Lady Tryhard SadassSydneySider Hyperado
by JustJayne September 11, 2010
A female douchebag who combines trying too hard with an imperious, condescending manner. As if she were some kind of aristocrat.
Ivor: Who does Emelda think she is, she's such a tryhard

Mel: That woman thinks she's royalty

Ivor: Yeah like a Lady Tryhard

tryhard douchebag
by JustJayne November 01, 2009
Somebody, who on internet chat rooms and FB groups relies on ever increasing amounts of hyperbole to enforce their tough image. The result being that he/she sounds like a desperado. Hence, hyperado.

It may sound something like the lines below,

'I am the Mother Theresa of facebook after all....'

'Thanks for coming back in all your fuckwitted 'glory' '

'your sheer and utter retardness'
John: here comes that desperate fucker again, spewing hyperbole all over the boards.

Mel: Yeah, the Hyperado has just rode into town!

lady tryhard
by JustJayne November 02, 2009
An alliterative term linking the widely known term for a native or resident of Sydney Australia along with a current UD word used to descibe a loser.
Example :-

Ivor (Adelaide,Australia) : I cant believe she is sledging me again.

Chris (Melbourne,Australia) : Never mind buddy, its ok.

Jenn (a swamp up north) : Dont listen to her sweetie, she's just a SadassSydneySider

Lady Tryhard hyperado coined the term
by JustJayne November 03, 2009
Very similar to a Yummy mummy. ie a sexually attractive mother who looks after herself and her appearance.

There is, though, an important distinction. Gummy mummies are beautiful and attractive until they open their mouths. They have serious gum problems, normally caused by previous crack or meth addiction.
John: Wow, look at Tina's mum, she's a yummy mummy !!

Shaun: Who ? Shazza ? have you seen her when she opens her gob ? I'd say she's more like a gummy mummy.

coined the term
by JustJayne November 16, 2010
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