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An individual that combines their love of alcohol with their love of a good laugh, especially online.

As their alcohol intake rises they laugh harder and their comebacks become snappier until the critical point is passed and they, and their posts, go into sharp decline.

Normally, at this point, wine is spilt on to the keyboard and they flounce off to bed.
John: Wow, Cookiee is getting funnier and funnier tonight.

Sean: She's an alcoLOLic, her funniness is in direct correlation to her alcohol intake.

John: She love's da vino!!!

coined the term Lady Tryhard SadassSydneySider Hyperado
#lol #inebriated #laughing #sober #lolocaust
by JustJayne September 11, 2010
someone who can't get enough LOL jokes when drunk, or, someone who can't get enough LOLjokes about drunks.
"oh man, we should take a pic of that passed out chick that we drew all over and label it with a stupid caption, and publish it on the internets."

"you are an alcoLOLic."
#alcolol #loldrunk #alcohol #lolcats #rofl
by alcoLOLz March 25, 2009
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