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someone who can't get enough LOL jokes when drunk, or, someone who can't get enough LOLjokes about drunks.
"oh man, we should take a pic of that passed out chick that we drew all over and label it with a stupid caption, and publish it on the internets."

"you are an alcoLOLic."
by alcoLOLz March 25, 2009
a picture of a drunk person, captioned with funny, cute, ridiculous, or nonsense words in IMPACT font. Like a LOLcat, but more of a LOLdrunk.
take a picture of that wasted kid in line ordering at a 24hr McDonald's... we can caption it 'I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER?'

that is an alcoLOL.

by alcoLOLz March 25, 2009
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