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alcoholler, when the quiet person in a group has a few drinks and starts to become rather loud and noisy.
Then mary drank a pint, and started to alcoholler across the bar to James....
by simonb July 05, 2004
The act of talking loudly after drinking too much alcohol. Repeated or ongoing loud and/or obnoxious or annoying outburst from an intoxicated party gower.
Jed had too much to drink and his sports team was loseing so he started to alcoholler.

He isn't really mad its just and alcoholler.

Shhh, not so loud, I can hear you. You are starting to alcoholler
by Mr.What? September 12, 2011
to make a noise under the influence of alcohol.Those who alcoholler disturb others.
Stop alcohollering. Kip down quietly. You are disturbing us.
by uttam maharjan April 21, 2011
When you call someone while extremely drunk
John is trying to Alcoholler at me again
by IAmACoolOneJustLikeYou December 15, 2014

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