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Basically, an alastair is someone who rules and everyone should worship. To be an alastair, you need to be amazing at everything.
Jake is turning into an alastair...
no i wouldnt say hes that good :P
by Al Mac March 28, 2006
The most amazing man to ever grace the face of the earth, makes me weak at the knees. I love him
I wish Alastair was mine..

Haha you can't have him cause he's MINE!!!
by Arlinah August 29, 2008
An Alastair is a seasonally furry robot that communicates by hand movement instead of speech. Its main energy source is apple pie. When placed in front of a camera an Alastair will touch its hair.
I wish I could pose like an Alastair
by confusionman March 21, 2011
A short douchebag.
That guy is such an Alastair!
by Raaaaandom December 30, 2015
Really weird. Oft wears a fedora. Just a really weird person.
Susan: "Wow, Gab is such an Alastair!"
Samantha: "I know!"
by Urmumthemuncher February 16, 2015
A piece of Celery
Right, i've got dip, carrot sticks, and alastair sticks.. Time to PARTY!!
by shazambandit August 15, 2010
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