When a women takes a dump into a condom, freezes it, then uses it as a dildo once it has hardened.
Molly enjoys an Alaskan Pipeline every thursday morning.
by Niko Morella March 24, 2011
When you take a condom shit in it, freeze it and use it as a dildo
Me girlfriend wanted to get crazy but we didn't have a dildo so we made an alaskan pipeline
by Dtrock3 December 19, 2010
The act of Defectating, placing the feces in the freezer, and once the feces are frozen, proceeding to insert the frozen feces into somone else's anus.
Bob said he gave some hooker an alaskan pipeline yesterday. What a sick bastard!
by Baka Derka Allah March 30, 2008
invented by the Eskimos, the Alaskan Pipeline is the act of jerking your shit into a condom until it is full with your cum, tie it off, and freeze it by placing it in the freezer (the Eskimos simply left if outside their igloos). when the cum stick is completely solid, take it out of the condom and use it to pleasure yourself, its the most retarded way to get pregnant.
If you want to get pregnant by getting donated sperm, ask for a number of specimens, mix them up and perform the Alaskan Pipeline, then you will have either the most fucked up kid ever, or one with super powers
by PITITTY November 04, 2009
Pooping and freezing the poop so you can use it as a dildo.
She gave me her Alaskan Pipeline for fun.
by 9191 July 08, 2009
Freeze a turd and fuck a chick with it. WOW
your girlfriend leaves you and says ''fuck you you piece of shit'', and comes back for sex. You give that BITCH an ''alaskan pipeline'' and tell all your friends.
by J.BukenSteen October 22, 2009
A sex move popularized by the Alaskans in the early 1900s. To perform this move, one must take a shit and freeze the turd. Once the turd is solid, one must insert the turd into their lover's desired point of entry.
"Hey honey, I'm really in the mood for sex, shit, and a cold temperature. Anything in mind?" "2 words. Alaskan Pipeline."
by Hollaback1212 January 12, 2009

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