A sex move popularized by the Alaskans in the early 1900s. To perform this move, one must take a shit and freeze the turd. Once the turd is solid, one must insert the turd into their lover's desired point of entry.
"Hey honey, I'm really in the mood for sex, shit, and a cold temperature. Anything in mind?" "2 words. Alaskan Pipeline."
by Hollaback1212 January 12, 2009
To have anal sex with a male or female.
She let me use her alaskan pipeline last night.
by whydidntithinkofthatyet July 03, 2010
When a man shits in plastic wrap, freezes it, then while having anal sex with his partner, grabs the frozen shit and rams it in her ass like it was his cock.
Damn! it smells like someone has been in an Alaskan Pipeline in here!
by Roger Kilburn October 26, 2007
The alaskan pipeline is where you take a crap, freeze it, and then put the turd up a girl like a dildo.
That alaskan pipeline really hurt Becca's small vagina.
by Napoaleon October 23, 2007
you take an ice cube and while you are having anal sex you take your dick out and shove the ice cube in then start fucking her again. INSANE PLEASURE!!!!
I gave that bitch a crazy alaskan pipeline last night, it was incredible.
by Cotee January 30, 2009
when u freeze a tird and fuck a chick with it
she loves alaskan pipelines
by poohee November 24, 2008
1. When your feeling a bit dangerous, you take a shit, wrap it in saran wrap and put it in the freezer. When your log is rock solid you remove it from the freezer and then proceed to fuck your old lady in the ass with it.

2. A pipeline located in Alaska
This Alaskan Pipeline is like taking a shit in reverse!
by Turd Smoka September 18, 2008

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