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When one defecates into a condom, then inserts it into the freezer till frozen. Then after frozen uses as a sex toy.
Dude, Nick, i just my Alaskan Pipeline i made a few days ago and totally used it on Jenna. She totally loved it till i told her what it was. Now I'm in the dog house for a week.
by mr.crosscountry May 19, 2010
The greatest and most badass NJCAA cross country team
Dude i feel blessed, i just lost to the Delhi Broncos
by mr.crosscountry November 02, 2009
A person which is any definition of "slow", "dumb", "retarded", or a person you have a MILD dislike for.
WOW, that hot chick over there just gave me the cold shoulder. She is such a duty rider.
by mr.crosscountry March 15, 2010
the act of spending copious amounts of time on farmvile.
Holy crap! billy spent 6 hours farmvilling the other day. I had sex behind him and he didn't even notice.
by mr.crosscountry February 20, 2011
A mean bitch, that looks as if see is from the slums. Someone that should be kicked in the face as soon as you she her. She generally has a splodge of cum on her body surface.
Man that bitch over on the corner is such a cum guzzling sewer skank. She stinks of high hell.
by mr.crosscountry March 15, 2010

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