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When a person shits into a condom. The shit is then frozen and used as a dildo to pleasure themselves.
Jacob:Hey did you hear about Malone using the Alaskan pipeline?

Zack: That's pretty disgusting.
by almightgamR May 13, 2014
When u shit in a condom freeze it then use it as a dildo
I used an Alaskan pipeline last night
by random sexjoke June 13, 2014
when someone shits inside of a condem and freezes it to make a dildo
hun i think your alaskan pipeline is melting
by thunderdumplin December 12, 2010
When a women takes a dump into a condom, freezes it, then uses it as a dildo once it has hardened.
Molly enjoys an Alaskan Pipeline every thursday morning.
by Niko Morella March 24, 2011
The act of taking a shit in a condom, freezing it, and using it as a dildo.
"yo did you give that girl an Alaskan pipeline?"
"yeah it was awesome! it only took 3-4 hours for it to freeze!"
by Daym637382837292 September 03, 2009
You take a shit into a condom, then freeze it and fuck a girl/guy with the frozen shit. This term originates from the cold weather in Alaska and the large amount of pipelines.
Guy 1: Yo, this chick was totally down for an Alaskan Pipeline.

Guy 2: Really? That's fucked up! When did you do her?

Guy 1: Just a few minutes ago. She even wanted it up her ass!
by I Fiend Cack May 31, 2009
When engaged in sexual intercourse, the male partner takes time off to take a shit; meanwhile the woman waits. The man freezes the shit, or can be already prepared, and stuffs it up the woman's vagina - to take place of a dildo.
Girl: Last night, my boyfriend put frozen shit in my cooch.

Guy: Sweet, he gave the Alaskan Pipeline.
by ScatManJosh February 22, 2011