The act of defecating in a condom, freezing it and forcing your girlfriend to use it as a dildo.
Dude 1: Yo dude I gave my bitch an ALASKAN PIPELINE last night.
Dude 2: No shit, how'd she take it?
Dude 1: I dont know, she never got it out.
by tbrmrg November 05, 2009
When someone takes a massive shit, then freezes it, and in this process it becomes a frozen dildo. The girl then proceeds to use it to the benefit of her pussy.
After Candy scooped the poop out of the toilet, she put in the freezer for later pleasure, creating an alaskan pipe line.
by candy isanhower October 27, 2007
When engaged in sexual intercourse, the male partner takes time off to take a shit; meanwhile the woman waits. The man freezes the shit, or can be already prepared, and stuffs it up the woman's vagina - to take place of a dildo.
Girl: Last night, my boyfriend put frozen shit in my cooch.

Guy: Sweet, he gave the Alaskan Pipeline.
by ScatManJosh February 22, 2011
invented by the Eskimos, the Alaskan Pipeline is the act of jerking your shit into a condom until it is full with your cum, tie it off, and freeze it by placing it in the freezer (the Eskimos simply left if outside their igloos). when the cum stick is completely solid, take it out of the condom and use it to pleasure yourself, its the most retarded way to get pregnant.
If you want to get pregnant by getting donated sperm, ask for a number of specimens, mix them up and perform the Alaskan Pipeline, then you will have either the most fucked up kid ever, or one with super powers
by PITITTY November 04, 2009
You take a shit into a condom, then freeze it and fuck a girl/guy with the frozen shit. This term originates from the cold weather in Alaska and the large amount of pipelines.
Guy 1: Yo, this chick was totally down for an Alaskan Pipeline.

Guy 2: Really? That's fucked up! When did you do her?

Guy 1: Just a few minutes ago. She even wanted it up her ass!
by I Fiend Cack May 31, 2009
The act of taking a dump in a used condom, putting it in the freezer and then using it to masturbate your significant other. Invented by Nick F. sometime in March 2014.
I heard Nick gave Alaskan pipeline to Lauren
by Alpinenigga April 09, 2014
When a women takes a dump into a condom, freezes it, then uses it as a dildo once it has hardened.
Molly enjoys an Alaskan Pipeline every thursday morning.
by Niko Morella March 24, 2011
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