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3 definitions by Nobody77


When someone completely screws something up, especially related to the Internet.
That computer geek completely obamacared my Internet service. What a moron.

Damn! I got a virus! I shouldn't have been obamacaring around on shifty websites.

You dropped my birthday cake?!? Why do you obamacare everything you touch?
by Nobody77 January 03, 2014
A nonsensical exclamation popularized by Key and Peele. Its true meaning is unknown even to its creators. Typically shouted/chanted loudly while hanging with bros. Originally the purpose of pussy on the chainwax was to start a "thing". As you can see, they have succeeded.
Key: Yo, imma put that pussy on the chainwax!

Peele: Are you trying to start a "thing"?
by Nobody77 January 02, 2014
An oil pipe network going from crude oil rich Alaska, across central Canada, and into the US. Unlike the other weirdass definitions on here.
The politicians canceled plans for an Alaskan pipeline for oil exports.
by Nobody77 January 03, 2014