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An act of fellatio which wakes the person receiving. Usually results in immediate nutting due to surprise and overall awesomeness.
"Why's your girlfriend got a black eye?"
"I was tired, so I hit the snooze button"
by BWaldo May 02, 2005
Old school Nintendo game. Known for the level where you would have to try and refuel the plane to no avail. Should you somehow pass this level, you would then have to try and land the damn plane on the Carrier.
"I just refueled the plane! Time to restart"
"*awed silence*"
by BWaldo May 02, 2005
The sexual act of defecating halfway (turtle head) and inserting the now exposed feces into the anus of a loved one and/or neighbor. This "shit dildo" acts as a love connection between the two parties as they pleasure themselves, taking special care not to break it in the process.
"Did you get your tickets yet, Harriet Tubman?"
"Tickets? To what?"
"The Bus Transfer"
"The Bus Tr-?" *Splizzash*
by BWaldo May 02, 2005

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