someone who is very dark.
Person #1: Yo that dude's created a new race!
Person #2: That nigga ain't even black he's akon.
by alwi November 11, 2007
A sexist hypocrytical ass whose fanbase consists of wannabe white teenage girls who have IQs of about 75 and the tastes in music of people with less than a third of that IQ; they also are so stupid they are sexist towards their own gender. His Senegalese background is most likely a hoax concocted to gain him naive fans in Africa.
Akon=Worst artist in music today
by Supergeek September 22, 2007
A faggot ass wannabe rnb singer who's popularity is soaring thanks to lifeless tasteless douche bags who listen to this shit. this guys a fucking joke. he claims that he spent years behind bars for running an auto theft ring. the truth is this asshole served a couple short sentences for unpaid parking tickets and now is tryin to make hard shit out of it. also this bitch claims to not be proud of being a felon and that hes trying to forget that part of his life. yet the fucking moron introduces himself as "convict" in the beginning of each song. what a fucking tool and a waste of fucking oxygen.
14 year old fag: omgzorz have u heard the new akon song sexy bitch??
me: yeah, that fagget manages to screw up songs even from artists like David guetta. fucking prick.
by communismbeatsdemocracy November 17, 2009
Black, but a darker shade.
Abby: Damn, that's black.
Jill: No, that's Akon.
by Modern Day English May 18, 2009
Guy who takes down any girl 10 years younger than him and then appologizes like he didnt know
man, you hair about that teacher on the news
that fucker is tryin to pull an akon!
by beautwagon21 September 17, 2008
A form Dry humping in which the victim is fumbled around abusively and then tossed over to the side. While the person who gives you the Akon runs

I just pulled an Akon on my sister girlfriend
by The Poppo June 11, 2007
Biggest anime convention in the nation. Oldest and most popular. Held in Dallas Texas with loads of otakus, and game lovers. Great place to pick up girls or guys. ha
Let's all go to A-kon~
by CloudiestDragon April 09, 2004
1. (adjective) A really dark skinned man who sucks at RnB singing, reffering to the RnB/Pop singer who uses autotune. Im not saying black people cant sing, there are some very talented black singers, and Im not racist because im friends with lots of black people.
Really dark skinned man: *starts singing*

Other guy: Man he cant sing

Other guy 2: I know and hes about as black as black can get.

Other guy: He is such an Akon.
by I dont know!!!!!1!!one!1one! August 13, 2009

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