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An untalented half-singer/rapper/clusterfuck that also happens to be a fake and a liar. He made up stories about being a hardened criminal when in fact he is just a former petty rule-breaker not worthy of one week's probation. In light of these new discoveries revealing Akon's huge story as nothing more than bullshit, one can only hope that he gracefully bows out of the "rap" game by becoming an hero.
-"Hey dawg, I used to run a huge auto theft ring, we stole Ferraris from rich crackers and made them cry."
-"Shut up Akon, you're full of shit."
by loaghsj April 18, 2008
An elderly man from the South. Has all or some of these atributes:
1. Typical "redneck" behavior
2. Farms, usually tobacco
3. Enjoys classic country or bluegrass music.
4. Typically uneducated
5. Enjoys alcohol such as whiskey or moonshine
A Ripatoe would be an old drunk who lives in a shack down in a holler.
by loaghsj October 17, 2006

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