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Means Autum or fall.

Also a name in Japan.

Sounds like "Agi" which means "Baby" in korea.
Aki is my favorite season.
by neomi June 16, 2006
The biggest beaut. Good looks, smells good, athletic. The guy you just want to be around all the time. Overall great guy.
That guy reminds me of Aki
by elisemorson October 26, 2008
A japanese word mmeaning 'autumn' and 'bright'
Also a Girls' Name in Japan
Yuki: What is your favorite season?
Aki: Aki.
by Aki Bramblerose September 23, 2007
A rare article of khaki clothing; only worn by those who may be too skinny to fit regular khaki pants.
Hold on, lemme try on my aki's.
Oh no! my aki's don't fit! What do i do??
by stobar2 January 24, 2012
is the coolest guy above the 49th parallel. Is a leader of saving horses and saving trees. Would do anything for black licorice babies; which are also his kryptonite.
Is that Akis wolfing down those black licorice babies...of course!
by ancientgr February 05, 2010
The Phoebe of a friends group, socable when she wants to be. Trustworthy but has no filter when she speaking about whats on her mind. Christian
Sumedh- Did you hear what Aki just said? Fucking hilarious.

Natalie- She's fucking hilarious.
by mike461pos March 27, 2015
A fucking keyboard warrior. A person who thinks he know-it-all. A nerd.

Farmers use his picture as a scarecrow.
John: Hey bro, you're an aki
Michael: fuck you. i rather be a worm
by PKR2012anwar April 09, 2014
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