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A woman of independence, loved by many. By definition she controls everyone universe and can change someone for the better. Usually a hot intelligent girl who dreams too big for one woman to handle
That girl is definetly from the autum.
by Rollinwithdaleavez April 20, 2009
A very happy girl that cares a lot about her friends. She has a lot of friends and usually guys that go crazy over her even though she has no idea why. Her smile lights up the room and her laugh gets everyone laughing. She has blonde hair and green eyes usually. She likes anime and usually has a crush on an anime guy or two. She always tries to solve other peoples problems and gets very upset when she fails at it. She is very smart but may not do very good in school. Her name is usually Autumn but she doesn't like that name because it may not describe her so she tells people to call her Auta. She is short and she likes it. She doesn't realize that she has a lot of friends that care about her and she cant always fix everything, because there is nothing broken.
Guy 1: That's Auta over there!
Girl: Yeah! She's amazing!
Guy 2: I wish she would date me.
by Fairy85 May 11, 2013
A nigger pinata (i.e., some white chick who gets beat up by nigger cock)
That chick is an autum, dude! She loves the nigger cock
by lonnie_reed_hater_of_autum August 14, 2006
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