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Acronym for Akkan Just Miss!

Means, damn it!! I missed it.
Macha, ivattu beLigge dodda AJM aytu, avaLu nange finger torisbitLu.
by nitboss March 10, 2005

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awkward jewish male nebbish socially
Awkward Jewish Male. A ‎​socially awkward, nebbish jewish male who attends young professional events in the hopes of meeting nice, jewish women to take home to their nagging jewish mother, but only succeeds in making those jewish women feel extremely uncomfortable due to their social awkwardness.
On an average Friday night at Shul, "There are a lot of AJMS here tonight."
by ajmless January 12, 2011
Aidan James Mahoney . and that is that really
rah!! rah rah rah rah
by AJM's number 1 fan March 16, 2005